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 Soundart Radio
Festival Supporters 
Soundart Radio Soundart Radio 102.5 FM is the community radio station for Totnes and surrounding villages in South Devon.

A space to listen, play and experiment; we are an art radio station, providing space on the airwaves to listen, play and experiment with sound.

Our programmes are made by volunteers who thrive in an atmosphere of trust and creative freedom. All kinds of people visit, talk, play music and present radio shows. We leave the studio door open and the sounds of passing birds, conversations and steam trains filter into our broadcasts.
 Thinking Arts
Thinking Arts Thinking Arts is a Devon based website design company which specialises in websites for artists, small businesses and membership organisations.
 Totnes Tourist Information Centre
Local Information 
Totnes Tourist Information Centre Visit Totnes Tourist Information Centre for details of accommodation, events and comprehensive local information